Pink credit cards

Flashing a pink credit card at the counter is a fun way of expressing your individuality and joie de vivre. On a more sober note credit cards are convenient to use and offer greater protection than paying with cash or a debit card for big ticket items. Learn more...

Credit cards offer a cheap way of borrowing money for one-off purchases such as holidays or a new refrigerator. That said, they are not for everyone.

There are different credit cards to suit different people so you need to think about how you intend to use your credit card. Always compare the interest rate (APR) on different cards. If you intend to pay off the balance in full every month, the interest rate becomes slightly irrelevant. But if you intend to transfer an existing balance or go on a big shopping spree, you should pay closer attention to the balance transfer or purchase rate.

Things to consider:

> How will you use your credit card? Do you want to build your credit, transfer a balance, use it only for emergencies, use it for a big one-off purchase or start collecting reward points?
>If you can, try and pay the full bill every month, otherwise you will be charged interest - and who wants that?
> Whether you are be approved for the card will be dependant on your credit history.
> Never use a credit card to to withdraw cash from a cash machine - credit cards usually have a 'special' (much higher) rate of interest for this
> For more definitions and tips check out our FAQs or ask the Piggybanker community.


0% Balance Transfer Cards 0% Balance Transfer Transfer fee APR Apply

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