Free credit reports

Understand how good your credit score is before applying for a credit card. Reports are free if you cancel within 30 days - instructions how are included below. Learn more...

Things to remember:

> Cancel your subscription within 30 days to avoid being charged.
> Ideally check more than one service - but if you only check one make it CreditExpert from Experian as it is the UK's largest.
> For more information check out our FAQs or ask the Piggybanker community.


Credit Expert from Experian Equifax check my file
Free trial length Free 30 days
Cancel at any point
Free 30 days
Cancel at any point
Free 30 days
Cancel at any point
Online access Yes - unlimited Yes - unlimited Yes - unlimited
Subsequent monthly cost £7.99 £6.99 £9.99
Identity theft alerts included? Yes Yes Yes
Order paper copies? £2 £2 Not available
Customer support Yes Yes Yes
Sign up Sign up Sign up
How to cancel How to cancel CreditExpert How to cancel Equifax How to cancel checkmyfile