Credit card interest calculator (for balance transfers)

Paying too much interest on your store or credit cards? You should consider a 0% balance transfer. This allows you to transfer your debt from your current card(s) to a new card and then repay your debt at 0% interest. Learn more...

Things to remember:

> Most companies charge a 'Transfer Fee' - the fee to move your balance from your old card/s. For example, if you transferred a balance of £3000 with a fee of 2.5%, you would have to pay £75 to your new card provider.
> Whether you are be approved for the card will be dependant on your credit history.
> Be careful about avoiding future interest charges! Ensure you have repaid the debt at the end of the interest free period (or transferred again), or you will be charged interest at the standard rate.
> You should also be mindful about spending on the new card - you'll need to repay whatever has been spent each month to avoid paying interest.


How it works: Do you have an existing debt that will take months to pay off? 1. Fill in the form. 2. Apply for a new credit card. 3 Transfer your balance. Say goodbye to interest charges and start saving money!
Total amount owing on your card £: more info
The interest rate (APR) of your card in %: more info
How much you pay every month £: more info

For a little bit more info on balance transfers have a seperate credit card interest calculator.